Tiny Stories

New: Tiny Stories book available from Bylo nebylo, with illustrations by Pavlína Lörinczová!

You want to cut a long story short. You want to cut it even shorter. Cut the part about the way the light fell on the empty plate. Or cut everything else, and leave that. Skip to the bit where John and Mary die. Cut the intro, cut the middle. Cut the plot, and leave the subplot.

You want a loveless story, a story about what happens in the wings while romance is plodding along on stage.

You want a love story, and you want it to cut to the heart of the matter, and leave out the part with the unconvincing beautiful doctor, or just tell us why he was so unconvincing and forget the rest.

You want what everyone wants: a story that’s short enough to tell in one breath and tiny enough to display in place of a diamond on the engagement ring in your facebook photo.

Tiny stories are literature for people who want to cut a long story short.

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