Publication date: 21 February 2014
ISBN 978-0-9928242-0-4
Published by Peer Press.

tendrils_coverPrague is the city which doesn’t let go. And Ochre doesn’t want to go – that is, he doesn’t think he does. In his forties, he still lives the life of an art student, meeting old dissident friends at the Café Havarie to reminisce about painting under socialism. But one day, something strange happens. As the contours of Ochre’s reality blur into the odd pattern on his wallpaper, he begins to piece together the truth about his long-lost friend Tomáš.

Meanwhile, growing up in a Moravian village, Zuzana Černá doesn’t want to know anything about the past. Her father has been out of work since 1989, but she doesn’t believe the rumours about his old career. She runs wild with her best friend Alena and turns her bedroom into a chaotic art gallery, until she sets off to study art in Munich. Painting connects the main characters of the novel, but it takes the narrative skills of Ochre’s ill-humoured pocket knife to combine their different worlds into one vibrant crescendo.

Featuring original cover artwork and illustrations by Jitka Palmer.